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A one day, fully catered, Workshop. RIEA's team of experts will present to you proven and effective strategies, that will change your financial outlook immediately and set you up for "Financial Freedom" API has a partnership with REIA so we can book you in for free. Yes.... FREE.(normally $2900+) Get in quick as there is limited seats available.

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Real Estate Investing Australia – Secure your financial future

Making money from home, by investing money in homes

You Must Watch This Important Clip-

If that clip doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, you must be doing OK.  This is not a message you will hear everyday. And it should prompt you to act.

So, if you do not want to…

1. Spend the next 30 years paying off your mortgage, possibly even paying the highest premiums on your loan.
2. Retire on the pension, which is equivalent to the poverty line.  Currently, over 90% of Australian’s retire on the pension because they live in the one house they have bought.
3. Stay in debt your whole life, with no real benefit at the end.
4. Be stuck in situations with no flexibility.
5. Always be wondering how you are going to pay the bills every month.

6. Be working it out for yourself and making costly mistakes along the way.
7. Keep on paying large amounts of tax (what if you could get all of your tax back), and fail to reap the benefits of the tax system.
8. Pay capital gains tax – and lose massive $$$ on more tax.
9. Think that you are lucky to even buy one home to live in, ie. cracking the property market is not realistic, because the banks said no.
10. Wonder why your investment does not perform for 7+ years.
11. Just survive with no vision or dream for the future.

Then you might just be ready to check this out.

We recently partnered with REIA and were excited to discover the secrets of:

  • how to get into the property market
  • how to purchase and maintain multiple properties for profit
  • how to improve our current portfolio
  • where the best locations are for the highest growth in Australia
  • how to reach our financial goals
  • building a belief that our dreams are possible
  • and MORE

What can I expect if I partner with REIA in my first or next investment?

By signing with REIA, you will gain access to:

1. A significant reduction on your current home loan interest rates… Home loan interest rate reductions is one of the  many benefits you have access to by showing up to the event -that’s just the start.
2. Clients have accomplished massive results by implementing these strategies.
3. Pay off your 30 year mortgage in under 10 years without changing your lifestyle – be financially free sooner.
4. Learn how to retire on your own wealth, not on the pension.  You will learn how to retire in less than 10 years & on $100k per annum plus own your own home outright.
5. Eliminate personal debt.
6. Create options in life and be free to make your own choices.
7. Peace of mind.
8. Best team in the country to guide you – you will always have an expert team around you to guide you through each step of the process.
9. Significantly reduce your tax to almost zero (create wealth with your current tax).
10.Not pay capital gains tax – legally.
11.Build a multi-million dollar portfolio (even with no deposit). Get the banks to say “Yes”.
12. Find out the No.1 location to invest in that Australia has to offer.  You want growth from day 1.
13.Bring your money to life again, give your money purpose and put it to work.

One-on-One Strategy Session with Experts

Every client gets the option to have a one-on-one strategy session with our finance expert. From personalised strategy plans to paying off your mortgage in under 10 years, without changing your current lifestyle, to creating low tax rates before you retire and EVERYTHING in between.

$30,000 Property Investment Grant – The Game Changer!

Ideal for those who DO NOT own property or do not have a deposit saved yet. REIA will loan you the deposit (interest free) to help you purchase your first investment property. In return for the initial investment, they take a small percentage of the capital growth when you refinance or sell. If you DO have a property, equity or a deposit, then you can still use their services and they won’t take a share.  So you will keep 100% of the capital growth.

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Win, Win

What else does the Workshop include?

10 Year Support Program

  • You will be assigned your own personal wealth coach who will support you over the next 10 years and beyond, assisting you to build a solid and profitable property portfolio.
  • One Day “Financial Freedom Workshop”.
  • Worth $10,000.

Additional Workshop Materials

  • You will also receive a complete set of workshop materials and workbooks to keep and take home. During the workshop REIA will reveal their ‘Hot Spots’ and a comprehensive guide to their due diligence process. As part of their commitment to your continuing education in property investment, you are entitled to attend this workshop and their Information Nights as many times as you like, at no additional cost.
  • Access to their “A Team” of Experts.
  • Worth $2,997.

Access to industry leaders and experts

  • REIA have over twenty years experience in property investment and have the best Property, Finance, Accounting, Legal and Financial Planning professionals that you can find in Australia. You will have access to their entire team of experts. They are highly experienced and respected in their fields and ready to work with you personally, as well as work together to help you reach your goals.
  • Worth $1,890.

Asset Protection Discounted Offer

  • You can now protect your home and investment properties without having to transfer them into a trust and pay excessive stamp duty and land tax costs on your principal place of residence. Other companies will charge you in excess of $5,000 to protect your property; however, REIA can protect your home and up to five investment properties for the heavily reduced cost of $1,500 plus GST.
  • That saves you $3,500.

Advanced Real Estate Investing System

  • The Advanced Real Estate Investing System is an in-depth comprehensive guide to becoming a successful property investor. It will show you step-by-step everything you need to know from:
    • selecting the right property,
    • how to structure your finance,
    • maximise your tax benefits,
    • protect your assets, and
    • how to find the right tenant.

With 52 audio files and 52 eBooks you have one for every week of the year. There’s no other program in the marketplace that compares. It is a ‘must have’ for any successful property investor.

  • Worth $3,990.

Access to Stephen Tolle’s Personal Mentors

  • REIA have handpicked Australia’s finest professionals in Property, Finance, Accounting, Legal and Financial Planning. They are all highly experienced and respected in their individual areas. You will have access to their entire expert team.
  • Worth $1,490.

Mindset Mentoring Program

Worth $295.

Autographed Book – Real Estate Millionaire

Worth $30.

So what will you pay to attend this workshop?

My wife and I paid $2900 to attend this Workshop, and it was worth every cent. Even if we decided not to buy an investment home, the knowledge and expertise we learnt on the day was well worth it.  However, you can register here for FREE, and get access to all of this knowledge without paying a thing.

…before someone else does.

TAKE THE DAY OFF WORK.  This is an investment into your own future – your workplace will survive one day without you – and you can attend the Financial Freedom Workshop for $0.00.

Watch these testimonials of real Aussies like you and I, that went to the Workshop and committed to the amazing offer of buying an investment property.

…before someone else does.


If you want to contact us directly at AUSTRALIA PROPERTY INVESTING, we would be happy to assist with any questions or concerns.

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