About Us

Australia Property Investing was born out of a partnership with Real Estate Investing Australia. My wife and I have a goal of being financially independent, and we are using property investing as the way to achieve our goals. After buying our second house, and after researching the market and a few different strategies, we happened to stumble across Stephen Tolle’s workshop. My wife and I decided that we liked what he had to say, and we committed to the workshop fee of $2900.

After attending the all day workshop, we were so convinced that REIA had a tick in all the boxes, we decided that we would join them in buying our next investment property. That decision has ultimately changed the course of our lives. Not only did we here about a well thought out plan that had an amazing amount of research to back it up, but, we also had access to their team of experts.

Before our new investment property was even built, we had started planning and setting up our Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), using our newly appointed accountant from REIA. We then proceeded to buy our next property.

The best part is this: REIA’s team of experts helped rearrange our current portfolio, while adding in our new purchases, and creating a well balanced and easily manageable investment strategy. Our current holdings are stress free and easier to manage than before we had their team of experts manage our investments.

We have enjoyed this journey so much, and it has made our future so much brighter, that we want to share it with you.

K&R Miller