How Can I Pay Off My Home Loan Faster?

How Can I Pay Off My Home Loan Faster?

Considering the current situation in the Land Down Under, it’s no wonder you’re searching for the ways to pay off your home loan faster. (more…)

Why You Should Invest in the Australian Housing Market

Why You Should Invest in the Australian Housing Market

Are you in the real estate game and considering your next move? Go where opportunity awaits. It’s time to consider the Australian housing market. Here’s why: (more…)

All You Need to Know About Lenders Mortgage Insurance

All You Need to Know About Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Did you know that 70% of borrowers mistakenly believe that lenders mortgage insurance is there to protect them in case they default on their loan? A lot of new terms get thrown at you during this process and it can be confusing. (more…)

The 9 Essential Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

The Essential First-Time Home Buyers Guide

Is it your first time looking into buying a home? If so, then click here to discover an essential first-time home buyers guide for tips you need to have. (more…)

Lower Your Taxes Through Land Investment

Less for More: Lower Taxes Through House and Land Investment

What if we told you that you could pay less taxes by owning more stuff? Land investment can reduce the amount of tax you pay to zero and increase your wealth. (more…)

How To Make Money With Your Investment Property


How To Make Money With Your Investment Property

Are you hoping to make money from a property you own?
Keep reading to learn how to make money with your investment property in Australia.

If you own your own home, you have an investment property–whether you think of it that way or not. The first step in getting the most out of your investment property is knowing what you have. (more…)

Mistakes To Avoid When Investing In Sydney Real Estate

Mistakes To Avoid When Investing In Sydney Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a big decision. Keep reading to learn about some mistakes to avoid when investing in Sydney real estate.

Any kind of investment can fail. Property investment is no exception.

Markets conditions change. Neighbourhoods stop being the hot, go-to place for people with disposable income. Getting the edge on your next investment is vital. (more…)

5 Tips for Investing In the Australian Property Market


5 Tips for Investing In the Australian Property Market

Navigating the Australian property market can be tricky business and
like any investment there is some 5 tips for investing in Australian propertyrisk. Here are 5 tips that will help you be successful. (more…)

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Mortgage Broker

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Mortgage Broker

What is a mortgage broker?Australia property investing

A good mortgage broker works for you!!!! He or she works like a middleman between you and the bank. This allows you some very special benefits. (more…)

How to Invest in Australian property

Quick guide on how to Invest in Property

How do I start investing in property?property investing get started

If you are looking to start investing in real estate, or you are trying to grow your portfolio, it can be a scary adventure if you don’t have the right information or the right support when you need it the most. Here is a brief introduction into how to invest in property. (more…)

The best protection for Property Investors

Landlord Insurance

Your way to sleep easy and live without anxiety

When I speak to people about investing in the housing market, the first question I get is ”do you rent it out?”. Yes, I do rent my properties out. Then, like clockwork, the next question is “what do you do when renters skip out without paying rent or they wreck the place?(more…)

Property Investment Strategy Australia

Property Investment Strategy Australia

13 Effective Property Investment Strategies for Australia

Whether you own your own home, or you are trying to get in on the market,
it is wise to understand thatinvestment strategy there are opportunities to create wealth using property. If you position yourself with a strategy that works for you and your lifestyle, you may find the Australian Dream come alive for you.
Property investment strategies are growing in popularity in Australia. Here is a short list of some of the most effective for right now. (more…)

Real Estate Investing Australia Review

Our journey into a wise investment

My wife and I attended a “Financial Freedom Workshop” with REIA(Real Estate Investing Australia) in 2015.
We were looking at ways to get ahead and do well with our finances. Prior to this real estate investing Australia reviewworkshop, we had already attended a number of other presentations. We had also looked into a number of different strategies on how to use property as an investment. (more…)

The New Australian Dream, make it come alive

 The Australian dream is still alive

For current homeowners and those that are trying to get into the market, it seems like a massive effort to get “in” and make the Australian dream come alive.

If you are like me (and I think a lot of us are the same), we have been brought up to believe in and chase the “Australian Dream”. We have been taught to get a good education, get a good job that pays well, save money and buy a house.
Until recently, everything I knew about property was taught to me by my parents. They followed the Australian dream philosophy, and it worked well for them. So this is what I followed to purchase my first home (a unit).
The prospect of becoming a homeowner in Australia will evoke a sense of success, security, and if you’re lucky will open a door of prosperity. (more…)

Investor tip for Landlords – Take care of your tenants!

Look After your Tenants

Most of us at some stage or another, have been in the “renting scene”.how to keep happy tenants
As a tenant, you can come across some really bad deals, when it comes to renting options. What can make  it worse, is having a Landlord who doesn’t look after his property or tenants very well.

With the amount of money people need to spend on living expenses including rent, it is getting tougher to find a great renting experience.

Happy tenants = consistent income


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