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Our journey into a wise investment

My wife and I attended a “Financial Freedom Workshop” with REIA(Real Estate Investing Australia) in 2015.
We were looking at ways to get ahead and do well with our finances. Prior to this real estate investing Australia reviewworkshop, we had already attended a number of other presentations. We had also looked into a number of different strategies on how to use property as an investment.
A lot of the other options we explored did not suit us and were not really viable. They may have been too expensive, too labour intensive, or just needed too much time to do all the research and development required to make it work.
When we saw what was available through the REIA property strategy, we were completely overwhelmed with the level of service that they offered to provide through the process.
This was the “complete package”. Everything was well thought out. We walked away with answers to questions we took with us, and answers to questions we didn’t’ even know to ask at the time. So we have decided to do our “Real Estate Investing Australia Review”.

The workshop covered aspects concerning:

legal advice
SMSF- legally and effectivly
Also, implementing a very comprehensive strategy on how to buy and hold multiple properties.
All of this was compelling and encouraging, as I now could see that it was possible for me to create wealth for my family and me.

Why we chose REIA

REIA is a registered company with ASIC, an Australian government department: Australian Securities & Safe investingInvestment Commission. ASIC’s role is to regulate and enforce the Australian Governments Laws and Regulations for companies working in financial and investment sector. Their regulatory role is there to protect the consumer. This is a great first step for anyone presenting a legitimate business.

They are also members of PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia), an Association for Property Investment Advisors and industry leaders.
PIPA is a self-governing body, of industry professionals that promote
and uphold the Australian standards for all their members in the property investing sector.

Even though they are self governing, they are aware that if they do not set the standard, then the whole industry becomes a destructive place for all consumers. When checking for backgrounds on investment advisors, check to see if they are a member here.
PIPA has developed codes for their members to follow, which include industry and professional standards, conduct and ethics along with accreditation. Their members must demonstrate to the consumer/investors that they follow government regulations and uphold all aspects of the investing industry.
Their accountability is to the regulators, government and to some extent the media.
They are being held to a commitment of excellence for the consumer.

PIPA’s standards and regulations include:

-Developing code of best practice, and accreditation for operators, so that consumers can deal with safe investment companies and qualified advisers.
-Advise and work with the government to introduce codes and regulation to protect real estate investors.
-They are a source of industry compliance and regulatory information.
-They promote and facilitate disclosure and integrity for the real estate investing industry so that consumers can make an informed choice.
-Develop and oversee an industry code of conduct to which all members have to commit to, to offer a service of “Excellence”.
REIA have jumped through the hoops and ticked the boxes of being a lawful company, submitting themselves to more regulation then some other “investment advisers” out there. They want to protect the industry as it only profits them in the long run if everyone succeeds.

Check for yourself

After doing my own checks, I was satisfied to continue with my investment. We must do all we can to protect our families and ourselves. Unfortunately there are a number of people out there that only look after their own interests. Due diligence is the key here.
You can also check further for yourself here at website,, and

Our review – from personal experienceAustralia property investing seminar

Our whole experience with REIA has been a positive one. I had a few sleepless nights at the start though, thinking about ”what have I done”, and “are these people going to benefit me”?
Then I started researching about the company. However, I discovered that REIA is a stand out company and I was in the clear.
After that, it has been a personal development journey that is leading us into a new level of prosperity.
All of the team at REIA have been wonderful and supportive. They always communicate effectively and quickly. They are always at hand to answer all kinds of questions. I have to rely on their expertise- and I do.
No question is too big or small. If they don’t know the answer, they will follow up and put you in contact
with the right people.

It’s all part of the deal

Buying a property can be confusing, overwhelming and scary if you don’t have the right support and advice along the way. Buying a house has many steps and legal loopholes that require consideration. And some of the actions are time sensitive, so you must act right away.
You would have to deal with the real estate agent, the bank, lawyer, builder, developer, council, inspectors, plus a few others including a letting agent to lease your property.
When you choose to buy an investment property with REIA, you also gain all their support. You will be presented with their preferred industry experts. It is not mandatory, but after you see the strategy and understand how they operate, it just makes sense to use their contacts. They are with you through every step of the process. They are only a call or email away. Their support is second to none.

You will be introduced to top level-

Accountant – one of the best in his field
Brokers –that are not owned by banks
Developers/Builders –that minimize risk for you
Lawyers – that are familiar with property law
REIA’s strategy team –including high return growth areas for housing
Landlord Package- to assist with completion of build and getting tenants in

If you Win, they Win

I don’t know Stephen Tolle personally, although I have spoken with him and have been to a number of his Australia property investingpresentations. Its seems like his whole business model has been designed and structured in a way, that keeps his customers coming back. Most businesses want to achieve this result. I think REIA has achieved this.
Most real estate agents will sell one house to a customer in a lifetime. With REIA, they want to sell you multiple houses. They do this by making sure you succeed in your goals. If you win, they win. They have a strategy that will enable you to buy and hold multiple properties, thus creating return customers. If you do not do well, then you will not return to buy more – thus they lose.
Yes, and at the end of the day, they are making money. Nothing is for free, and I would rather pay a team of experts to help me create wealth. I am no longer going to get advice from Uncle Henry or Cousin Eric at the next family BBQ.

What will happen at the financial freedom workshop

This is a full on day….
You will need to take the day off work, but it is worth it.

real estate investing Australia review
REIA Workshop

After arriving at a luxury hotel in the city(Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane), you will sit in a conference room and be overwhelmed (in a good way) with a tsunami of information about investing in real estate. Before I went, I thought I knew a bit about investing. I already had 2 houses, what else could there be to learn?

You will learn about a whole variety of different aspects of the investment process. You will be shown the Who, What, When, Where And Why.
There is simply too much information to pass on at this point. But just read our home page, and you will get a better idea.
You will also get morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. This is a fully catered event. You will also receive some take home resources and material.
My wife and I decided to stay in the hotel the night before, as we were travelling from out of town. This was a good idea for us, as the workshop starts at 08:00am.

Make sure you come prepared.

If you haven’t guessed it already, near the end of the day/workshop, there will come a time when you are presented with options for buying a house. Although there is no pressure to buy a house then and there, once you have heard how to strategize your investment and how to position yourself correctly for the market, it sure feels like you need to act, to get in on the action.
My wife and I had already decided that we were ready to buy a house before we went. So you may want to consider having that conversation with your partner before you go.
We are happy customers of Real Estate Investing Australia. We look forward to buying our next house.

We would be glad to hear from you. Please leave your question or comment below.

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