Our recommendations for self education on property investing


Wherever you are at in your journey into property investing, it is always wise to get educated.  We want to share with you some of the learning material that got us started and thinking on the right track. We were fortunate enough to start reading the right books at the right time. Also, we did discover along the way, that some of the material was not directly related to our current strategy. However, it is still valuable knowledge in the long run, as it allows us flexibility in the future.

We will do a brief review on all of our favourite resource materials.

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From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years – Steve McKnight
This book is probably one of the easiest reads you will come across as an introduction into property investing.  The book contains a breakdown of McKnight’s journey into the property market.  He clearly explains the strategies that he and his business partner learned along the way.  Each chapter has a number of insights and tips highlighting key take-away points to learn from.  McKnight also talks about some of the reasons behind property investment, including financial goals.  The book is practical and we highly recommend it as an initial overview into what is possible with property investing.